Instructions to install pfSense® CE on APU

  1. Go on pfsense official site, for download the last pfsense image.
  2. Select these parameters: AMD64, LIVE CD WITH INSTALLER(ON USB MEMSTICK), SERIAL.
  3. Chose one of the mirror, and download it.
  4. After the file download, extract the file image usig 7-zip.
  5. Download the software (free, simple and speedy): imageUSB.
  6. Copy the extracted image on a usb key, using the software imageUSB.
  7. Insert the usb key with the image in the APU usb port (the first in the top).
  8. Connect the APU to the PC, by serial, using a null modem cable and putty as serial software (speed 115200) and connect power plug: the auto-boot pfsense installer will start (press “enter” to the first count-down and “i” on the second count-down).
  9. You will assign the interfaces, in order to reach the device by web.