Instructions for re-installing pfSense® CE on ALIX

  1. Go to the official pfsense download site (we will download the latest version).
  2. The parameters to select are, in order: i386, enbedded, SERIAL, the size of cf depends on which one you have (2 or 4 GB).
  3. Choose any of the proposed mirrors and download it.
  4. Once the file is downloaded, extract the image using 7-zip.
  5. Download the software (free, very simple and fast): Win32diskImager.
  6. Copy the extracted image to the compact using a compact flash drive and win32diskimager.
  7. Connect the alix to the PC, from serial, using putty (115200 speed) and connect the power: should start the installation program of pfsense (press enter the countdown of the boot boot, and “i” to the second account to the down).
  8. It will be necessary to assign the interfaces, in order to reach the equipment from the web.