[vc_row]In this article you’ll learn how to install 3CX on APU2 appliance entry level..

Software enviroment:

This guide applies to systems 3CX V. 16 and later.

1. Tested hardware

2. Prerequirements

3. How to install 3CX on APU2 appliance entry level

Tested hardware

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1. Create a USB drive to install 3CX

2. A working ethernet cable connected to the APU2 device on the NiC close to the COM with interner access.


Insert the USB drive on the APU2, connect  the COM port turn on APU2.

Press F10

Select boot device

Press 1
On this window select “Install”

Debian GNU/Linux installer boot mennu

Press Enter to begin installing.

Isntall with speech synthesis

After a few minutes, you’ll see the boot information scrolling, then you’ll reach the actual installation. From here you must choose all options to install Debian 9.

Come installare 3CX APU2-4

Come installare 3CX APU2

If you choose enp1S0 remember tha the physical NiC refers to the one close to the COM port.

Configura la rete

The configuration interface will start automatically on the DHCP. If DHCP is not present, or you prefer to manualy enter an IP, press “Cancel” on the following screen.

Waiting for link local address

Here the DHCP server is not present, therefore the network configuration fails.

Click “Continue” and insert the IP manually. Remember, if DHCP is present, you don’t have to follow these steps.

Network autoconfiguration failed

Configure network manually

Insert the IP including Netmask, Gateway and DNS server and click Continue.

IIP Address



Name server address

Host name

Domain name

If the network is configured correctly, and 3CX is connected to internet, you’ll be able to continue or you will see the followign error message:

Failed to retreive the configuration file

Click on Continue to go to the main menu with all installation steps. Select the Network section again, enter all parameters, paying close attention to not making any mistakes to continue the installation.

Installation step failed

Once you to through the network phase without errors, you’ll see the root password window (to be inserted twice).

Show password in clear

Re-enter password to verify

Select the language in the following window:


Follow the steps as shown bellow:

Country, territory o area

Continent or region


Come installare 3CX APU2-24

Choose according to requirements. If you’re not sure, continue as shown bellow:

Partision Disks

Choose a disk to install the operating system. DO NOT choose the USB drive!

Partision Disks

Choose according to requirements. If you’re not sure, continue as shown bellow:

Partiion Disks

The installation of Debian 9 will start until it is completed. When it’s done, remove the USB drive or the installation will start again.

Installing the base system

Configuring apt

This is the GRUB window , after that you will see the login prompt console.

GNU Grub

Debian GNU/Lunix

At the end of the installation you’ll need to run the following comands to install 3CX itself. 

  • Add 3CX repositories
    wget -O – “http://downloads-global.3cx.com/downloads/3cxpbx/public.key” | apt-key add –
    echo “deb http://downloads-global.3cx.com/downloads/debian stretch main” | tee etc/apt/sources.list.d/3cxpbx.list
    echo “deb http://downloads-global.3cx.com/downloads/debian stretch-testing main” | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/3cxpbx-testing.list
    apt update
  • Install preliminary packages (ssh is optional but it could be useful)
    apt install net-tools dphys-swapfile ssh -y
  • Installa 3X package
    apt install 3cxpbx -y

When you reach 99%, you’ll be asked how you want to run the tool

3CX Configuration Tool

To keep it simple, enter 1 to select “Using a Web Broswer”.

Go to the web to complete the installation. 

If tou need to re-run the installation wizard after installing all the packages, you need to run one of the following comands:


If the configuration wizard freezes, you can reset it using one of the following comands:

/usr/bin/3CXStartWizard.sh –cleanup
3CXWizard –cleanup
/usr/sbin/3CXWizard –cleanup