pfSense® CE 2.0.2 note di rilascio

pfSense® CE 2.0.2 è un aggiornamento della versione 2.0.1 con dei bug fixes di sicurezza e non solo. È possibile aggiornare ogni precedente versione a pfSense® CE 2.0.2. Qui di seguito sono riportati i bug fixes.

Note per coloro che intendono aggiornare

Auto Update URL – Per chi aggiorna, prima assicurarsi di aver impostato la URL corretta. Decine di migliaia di installazioni con pfSense® CE 2.0 avevano una URL di aggiornamento impostata sul server snapshot piuttosto che sulla stabile.

Altri avevano impostato manualmente la loro architettura in modo non corretto e non riuscivano ad aggiornare per questo motivo. Per risolvere questa problematica basta andare su System> Firmware > Updater Settings.

Settare la corretta architettura: “Default Auto Update URLs” casella a discesa, scegliere o l’i386 stabile o amd64 a seconda della versione che avete installato, e fare clic su Salva.

Quindi è possibile utilizzare la funzione di aggiornamento e garantire che sarà scaricata ed installata l’immagine corretta.

PPP-assigned DNS server problem – those with PPP type WANs (PPP, PPPoE) using the DNS servers assigned by their ISP rather than ones defined under System>General Setup, be aware those DNS servers will not be used. There are two work arounds detailed here.

Di seguito sono riportati i principali argomenti dei bug fix :

  • FreeBSD Security Advisories
  • PPTP
  • NTP Changes
  • Dashboard & General GUI Fixes
  • OpenVPN Fixes
  • IPsec fixes
  • User Manager Fixes
  • Captive Portal Fixes
  • NAT/Firewall Rules/Alias Fixes
  • Interface/Bridging Fixes
  • Other Misc. Fixes

Download di pfSense® CE 2.0.2

Lista completa dei bug fixes

NTP Changes

  • OpenNTPD was dropped in favor of the NTP daemon, used by FreeBSD.
  • Status page added (Status > NTP) to show status of clock sync
  • NTP logging fixed.
  • NOTE: ntpd will bind/listen to all interfaces by default, and it has to in order to receive replies. You can still do selective interface binding to control which IPs will accept traffic, but be aware that the default behavior has changed.

Dashboard & General GUI Fixes

  • Various fixes for typos, wording, and so on.
  • Do not redirect on saving services status widget.
  • Don’t use $pconfig in widgets, it has unintended side effects.
  • Fix display of widgets with configuration controls in IE.
  • Changed some padding/margin in the CSS in order to avoid wrapping the menu.
  • #2165 Change to embed to prevent IE9 from misbehaving when loading the Traffic Graph page

OpenVPN Fixes

  • Safer for 1.2.3 upgrades to assume OpenVPN interface == any, since 1.2.3 didn’t have a way to bind to an interface. Otherwise people accepting connections on OPT interfaces on 1.2.3 will break on upgrade until the proper interface is selected in the GUI
  • Don’t ignore when multiple OpenVPN DNS, NTP, WINS, etc servers were specified in 1.2.3 when upgrading. 1.2.3 separated by ;, 2.x uses separate vars.
  • Fix upgrade code for 1.2.3 with assigned OpenVPN interface.
  • Fix LZO setting for Upgraded OpenVPN (was turning compression on even if old config had it disabled.)
  • Be more intelligent when managing OpenVPN client connections bound to CARP VIPs. If the interface is in BACKUP status, do not start the client. Add a section to rc.carpmaster and rc.carpbackup to trigger this start/stop. If an OpenVPN client is active on both the master and backup system, they will cause conflicting connections to the server. Servers do not care as they only accept, not initiate.

IPsec fixes

  • Only do foreach on IPsec p2′s if it’s actually an array.
  • #2201 Don’t let an empty subnet into racoon.conf, it can cause parse errors.
  • #2201 Reject an interface without a subnet as a network source in the IPsec Phase 2 GUI.
  • Add routes even when IPsec is on WAN, as WAN may not be the default gateway.
  • #1986 Revamped IPsec status display and widget to properly account for mobile clients.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the IPsec status and widget to display slowly when mobile clients were enabled.

User Manager Fixes

  • #2066 Improve adding/removing of users accounts to the underlying OS, especially accounts with a numeric username.
  • Include admin user in bootup account sync
  • Fix permission and certificate display for the admin user
  • Fix ssh key note to refer to DSA not just RSA since both work.
  • “:” chars are invalid in a comment field, filter them out.
  • When renaming a user, make sure to remove the previous user or it gets left in /etc/passwd.
  • #2326 Do not allow empty passwords since this might cause problems for some authentication servers like LDAP.

Captive Portal Fixes

  • Take routing table into account when figuring out which IP address to use for talking to CP clients.
  • Prevent browser auto-fill username and password on voucher config, as it can interfere with the settings being properly saved if sync isn’t fully configured, which this can make happen accidentally.
  • Correct the Called-Station-Id attribute setting to be the same on STOP/START packets
  • Correct the Called-Station-Id attribute setting to be consistent on the data sent
  • #2082 Correct the log to display the correct information about an existing session
  • #2052 Remove duplicate rule
  • Fix which roll to write when writing the active voucher db
  • Always load ipfw when enabling CP to ensure the pfil hooks are setup right
  • #2378 Fix selection of CP interfaces when using more than 10 opt interfaces.
  • Strengthen voucher randomization.

NAT/Firewall Rules/Alias Fixes

  • #2327 Respect the value of the per-rule “disable reply-to” checkbox.
  • #1882 Fix an invalid pf rule generated from a port forward with dest=any on an interface with ip=none
  • #2163 1:1 Reflection fixes for static route subnets and multiple subnets on the same interface.
  • Better validation on URL table alias input from downloaded files.
  • #2293 Don’t put an extra space after “pass” when assuming it as the default action or later tests will fail to match this as a pass rule.
  • Update help text for Host aliases to indicate FQDNs are allowed.
  • #2210 Go back to scrub rather than “scrub in”, the latter breaks MSS clamping for egress traffic the way we use it.
  • Fix preservation of the selection of interfaces on input errors for floating rules.
  • Fix URL table update frequency box.
  • Fix input validation for port forwards, Local Port must be specified.
  • Added a setting to increase the maximum number of pf tables, and increased the default to 3000.
  • Properly determine active GUI and redirect ports for anti-lockout rule, for display and in the actual rule.
  • Handle loading pf limits (timers, states, table/entry limits, etc) in a separate file to avoid a chicken-and-egg scenario where the limits would never be increased properly.

Interface/Bridging Fixes

  • Correct checking if a gif is part of bridge so that it actually works correctly adding a gif after having created it on bootup
  • Use the latest functions from pfSense® CE module for getting interface list
  • Use the latest functions from pfSense® CE module for creating bridges
  • Implement is_jumbo_capable in a more performant way. This should help with large number of interfaces
  • Since the CARP interface name changed to “vipN” from “carpN”, devd needs to follow that change as well.
  • #2242 Show lagg protocol and member interfaces on Status > Interfaces.
  • #2212 Correctly stop dhclient process when an interface is changed away from DHCP.
  • Fixed 3G SIM PIN usage for Huawei devices
  • Properly obey MTU set on Interface page for PPP type WANs.

Other Misc. Fixes

  • #2057 Add a checkbox that disables automatically generating negate rules for directly connected networks and VPNs.
  • Mark “Destination server” as a required field for DHCP Relay
  • Clarify the potential pitfalls when setting the Frequency Probe and Down parameters.
  • Add a PHP Shell shortcut to disable referer check (playback disablereferercheck)
  • #2040 Make Wireless Status tables sortable
  • #2068 Fix multiple keys in a file for RFC2136 dyndns updates.
  • Check to see if the pid file exists before trying to kill a process
  • #2144 Be smarter about how to split a Namecheap hostname into host/domain.
  • Add a small script to disable APM on ATA drives if they claim to support it. Leaving this on will kill drives long-term, especially laptop drives, by generating excessive Load Cycles. The APM bit set will persist until the drive is power cycled, so it’s necessary to run on each boot to be sure.
  • #2158 Change SNMP binding option to work on any eligible interface/VIP. If the old bindlan option is there, assume the lan interface for binding.
  • Fix reference to PPTP secondary RADIUS server shared secret.
  • #2147 Add button to download a .p12 of a cert+key.
  • #2233 Carry over the key length on input errors when creating a certificate signing request.
  • #2207 Use PHP’s built-in RFC 2822 date format, rather than trying to make our own.
  • Allow specifying the branch name after the repository URL for gitsync command-line arguments and remove an unnecessary use of the backtick operator.
  • Correct send_multiple_events to conform with new check_reload_status behaviour
  • Do not wipe logs on reboot on full install
  • Set FCGI_CHILDREN to 0 since it does not make sense for php to manage itself when lighttpd is doing so. This makes it possible to recover from 550-Internal… error.
  • Support for xmlrpcauthuser and xmlrpcauthpass in $g.
  • Fix Layer 7 pattern upload, button text check was incorrect.
  • Correct building of traffic shaping queue to not depend on parent mask
  • #2239 Add alias support to static routes
  • Use !empty instead of isset to prevent accidental deletion of the last used repository URL when firmware update gitsync settings have been saved without a repository URL.
  • Better error handling for crypt_data and also better password argument handling
  • Stop service needs to wait for the process to be stopped before trying to restart it.
  • Use a better default update url
  • Fix missing description in rowhelper for packages.
  • #2402, #1564 Move the stop_packages code to a function, and call the function from the shell script, and call the function directly for a reboot.
  • #1917 Fix DHCP domain search list
  • Update Time Zone zoneinfo database using latest zones from FreeBSD
  • Handle HTTPOnly and Secure flags on cookies
  • Fixed notifications for firmware upgrade progress
  • Removed an invalid declaration that considered a private address.
  • Fixed redirect request for IE8/9
  • #1049 Fix crashes on NanoBSD during package removal/reinstall. Could result in the GUI being inaccessible after a firmware update.
  • Fix some issues with upgrading NanoBSD+VGA and NanoBSD+VGA Image Generation
  • Fix issues upgrading from systems with the old “Uniprocessor” kernel which no longer exists.
  • Fix a few potential XSS/CSRF vectors. Thanks to Ben Williams for his assistance in this area.
  • Fixed issue with login page not showing the correct selected theme in certain configurations.
  • Fix limiters+multi-wan

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